My 2022 Annual Review & New Years Resolutions 2023

published4 months ago
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Hello Reader,

It’s been a month since I last sent you the Stellar Platforms Newsletter, and you can expect future issues monthly, instead of weekly. For a while.

However, I will soon be starting another monthly newsletter, on the topic of Life Balance. This will be about the relationship we have to work, and rest, and how we can break it, and how we can fix it.

Click here to get on the list for Life Balance.

I have gone through a great many changes related to this topic since I emailed you last. Shortly after my last newsletter of 2022, I had a flare of my autoimmune disorder, and I was bedridden for weeks.

This is why I am late on delivering my Annual Review. Every year since 2014, I have published an Annual Review on New Year’s Eve on my personal website, followed by New Years Resolutions on January 1.

This year, I am a month late, but I have completed my yearly introspections. (I would have been disappointed to miss Year 10!)

If you’d like to know more about the changes I have gone through recently, and how I am using these changes to guide my decisions in the future, then I invite you to read these posts:

Do you have a Big Word for this year? Have you made any resolutions?

Feel free to reply and tell me who you plan to be this year, and how your progress is going so far. I love hearing about the directions and dreams of others.

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