Play Games with me on Zoom?

published9 months ago
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Hello Reader,

As you might know, I teach professional speakers how to lead better Zoom meetings. I do this through games and interactive activities.

Tomorrow, I'm leading a Zoom Games Happy Hour for Certified Virtual Presenters. If you are in this Facebook group, then you are invited, and you can RSVP at that link.

I'm also teaching another cohort of the eSpeakers Virtual Host Certification next week, September 22-23, 1-4:30 pm Pacific time.

Here's what some people have said about this live, interactive training program:

I know I've been talking about marketing a lot these last few months (with the launch of my book Marketing Yourself, and all) but I do still spend a lot of time leading and facilitating virtual events. I recently put together a new Speaker Reel to showcase some of my work:

My next book, Playful Productivity, will focus on what I've learned in bringing interactive play into working and learning environments, and how it helps us get more done in good cheer.

If you've got an interesting thought or idea on the topic, hit reply, I'd love to know what you think. Or, come to one of these events:

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