Live CTA Workshop Next Week

published11 months ago
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Hello Reader,

The CTA is an invitation to take action. Whether it's:

  • Subscribe to my newsletter
  • Enroll in my program
  • Buy my product
  • Leave a review

A clear, concise CTA will get you results.

Next week, I'll be hosting a live, interactive workshop where you can write some calls-to-action with me!

This 90-minute workshop will be highly interactive, and will include:

  • Multiple 10-minute writing sprints
  • Formulas you can use to craft your own CTAs
  • Show and Tell time to get feedback from your peers
  • Dozens of examples of the best CTAs on the Internet

Asking someone to subscribe to your newsletter, join your community, buy your package, or enroll in your program can be clear, crisp, and compelling. Instead of fumbling through how to say it in the moment, you can craft a simple message you can use repeatedly.

No replay, this is a WORKshop. $20 NZD for 90 minutes on Zoom.

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