[REPLAYS] Workshops on Web3 and ChatGPT

published20 days ago
1 min read

Hello Reader,

Feel free to watch the replays of 2 workshops I hosted this week:

40-Minute Replay:

Token gating lets you prove, purchase, or earn membership in a Web3 community.

This interactive workshop showcased examples of communities that use token gating, and all attendees received a TechWeek23 NFT, which gave secret access to an easter egg, to demonstrate the utility.

30-Minute Replay:

This is a 30-minute co-working session on using ChatGPT.

I gave a few minutes of instruction, and some copy-paste prompts. Then I set a timer for 10 minutes and play some music. You can have a conversation with your own AI chatbot, and go through 2 x 10-minute sprints during this half hour.

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